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Covid-19 Prevention

Please make sure you are doing your part. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, President Donald Trump's 15 Day Guide to slow the process of coronavirus might just help slowing the spread.

There has been a number of employees collecting unemployment during this rough patch. Stores are barely keeping beans on the shelves, and we won't mention the toilet paper. Ok, so we figured since people are going to be home, of course, we know the kids are out of school too. The world as we know it feels like it's coming to a halt. Cabin fever and anxiety can be huge factors, likely overlooked during a pandemic. Most of the time anxiety comes from bottled up feelings, having too much energy or lack of social engagement. Make sure if you're at home, or being laid off during this time, that you are being active. Call family or friends, make sure family members living together are participating in great hygiene & social skills.

Come join us for fun on Facebook live March 30th, 2020.
For our Quarantine Game Day, Please support our charity.


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Forks for Hope's presents our first cook-away community give-back!  Our cooking class trainees are taking notes with hands-on training from some of Middletown's best cooks for our Thanksgiving Day "Hot Holiday Meal Box" cooking event.   UPDATE! Key Better Days Society & Feed The Hungry Project Successfully Fed Over 120 People! If you stopped by to request a Thanksgiving box please use our "Hot Holiday Meal Boxes" contact form. Please only include addresses if you are requesting a delivery. We do not discriminate against families or individuals requesting food under any circumstances. However, we do not assist residents living outside of Middletown. All requests may not be approved for delivery.  Pick-Up; you can pick your box up on Nov. 26th at The Dream Center (834 Yankee Rd, Middletown, OH 45044).      Priority delivery is given to families residing in Middletown with school-aged children and or elderly adults.   FAQ: WHO CAN REQUEST A HOT MEAL BOX? An

Toys for Tots Registration

 To register for our upcoming toy distribution sponsored by Toys for Tots  APPLY HERE   this event will be held at the Middletown Dream Center Mon-Fri 11 am-1 pm Nov. 6th-13th. The toy distribution will be a drive-thru only event.  Follow us on  FACEBOOK  for toy distribution dates & times. Please include a good contact number for the upcoming toy distribution hosted by Key Better Days Society.

Back to School Shopping Give-a-way!

If you're looking to sign up for the back to school shopping give-a-way, look no further! Please comment your first and last name below. You may also choose to use the contact us form. Email income verification(s) and phone number to If you have more than three children please upload only three attachments.  Acceptable documents to upload for proof of income: Ebt card, Pbt cards, Wic, or Medicaid Cards of children. (You may blur out numbers but make sure names are visible.) A member from Key Better Days Society will enter all entries into a pool. Be sure to follow Key Better Days Society, on Facebook, for the back to school give-a-way. Our organization will randomly choose a few families to send cash to help children during this pandemic. If your name is pulled we will contact you via email and phone. 😊