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Forks for Hope's Budget & Fundraiser Winners

 We want to thank each and every one of you that took the lead to donate to our youth program.  Yes, we have a bunch of steps left! Our goal is $41,000 every cent will help us reach the top. We have been successful with three anonymous Silver spoon donors thus far. 

This program will be offered in-person and online to Ohio disadvantaged youth aged 14-24. Forks for Hope program will use successful measurable outcome based on the number of trainees completing the 12-week program with ServSafe certifications, skills assessments, and exit reviews.

We are currently looking for youth to take part in pre-training classes to help fundraise a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.

Please donate $500 now and become a Silver spoon donor! 

**************************FUNDRAISER WINNERS & SUPPORTERS***************

Pumpkin Patch Raffle

Winner: Ms. Tanisha B.

I hope everyone enjoyed this spooktacular pumpkin patch!

Check out where our winner is going! SNOW TRAILS

10/09/20 Congratulations Taniesha B. Thank you for your support! 

To everyone who participated thank you so much and to the anonymous generous donor that entered 100 people, you are an angel!

$100 Gervasi Vineyard Winery & Spa Gift Certificate

 : Updated Winner Ms. Pam C.


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