Forks for Hope🍽️

 We designed this program to outreach disadvantaged youth Aged 14-24. Youth facing probation or legal issues,homelessness, hunger, weight issues, & stability issues need to enroll. Training is aimed towards career paths or employment in the food and beverage industry. Our team is equipped with dedicated chefs and cooks. This is a paid training program for disadvantaged youth aged 14 to 24 who have had difficulty with homelessness, the judicial system, or food insecurity. Trainees are given the opportunity to learn in the restaurant, the classroom, and through the mentorship program. The program emphasizes four disciplines: life skills, intellectual skills, food service skills, and experiential skills.

Please donate! We haven't quite reached our goal yet we still have time to make this program a reality. 

Thank our partnerships & generous donors below!(Logos are included in all programing materials)


Mz. Jade's Soul Food Restaurant


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