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Forks for Hope🍽️

 We designed this program to outreach disadvantaged youth Aged 14-24. Youth facing probation or legal issues,homelessness, hunger, weight issues, & stability issues need to enroll. Training is aimed towards career paths or employment in the food and beverage industry. Our team is equipped with dedicated chefs and cooks. This is a paid training program for disadvantaged youth aged 14 to 24 who have had difficulty with homelessness, the judicial system, or food insecurity. Trainees are given the opportunity to learn in the restaurant, the classroom, and through the mentorship program. The program emphasizes four disciplines: life skills, intellectual skills, food service skills, and experiential skills.

Please donate! We haven't quite reached our goal yet we still have time to make this program a reality. 

Thank our partnerships & generous donors below!(Logos are included in all programing materials)


Mz. Jade's Soul Food Restaurant


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Forks for Hope's presents our first cook-away community give-back!  Our cooking class trainees are taking notes with hands-on training from some of Middletown's best cooks for our Thanksgiving Day "Hot Holiday Meal Box" cooking event.   UPDATE! Key Better Days Society & Feed The Hungry Project Successfully Fed Over 120 People! If you stopped by to request a Thanksgiving box please use our "Hot Holiday Meal Boxes" contact form. Please only include addresses if you are requesting a delivery. We do not discriminate against families or individuals requesting food under any circumstances. However, we do not assist residents living outside of Middletown. All requests may not be approved for delivery.  Pick-Up; you can pick your box up on Nov. 26th at The Dream Center (834 Yankee Rd, Middletown, OH 45044).      Priority delivery is given to families residing in Middletown with school-aged children and or elderly adults.   FAQ: WHO CAN REQUEST A HOT MEAL BOX? An

Toys for Tots Registration

 To register for our upcoming toy distribution sponsored by Toys for Tots  APPLY HERE   this event will be held at the Middletown Dream Center Mon-Fri 11 am-1 pm Nov. 6th-13th. The toy distribution will be a drive-thru only event.  Follow us on  FACEBOOK  for toy distribution dates & times. Please include a good contact number for the upcoming toy distribution hosted by Key Better Days Society.

Blessing Fairy Free Store

  The Blessing Fairy Free Store The Blessing Fairy free store was designed to help low-income/needy families thrive during financial hardships.    APPLY  for a FREE membership if you are experiencing unemployment issues, homelessness, or other financial hardships.  Qty. limits apply                     Book pop-up sponsorship events starting May 1st  HERE .                               DAY PASS  $2 RVSP Community event & choose 10 items.  (Add $5 for residential shopping experience)                               MONTH PASS  $7 RVSP Community event & choose 20 items. (Add $5 for residential shopping experience.) Book Personal Pop-up Shopping Starting May 3rd Here.                                 Fees can be paid in person at  residence/public pop-up events. A $5 non-refundable deposit is required for all residential events.  You can catch us in traffic starting April 28th. Our mobile boutique free store community giveaway event locations and times are enlisted below daily. Mem