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  DONATE HERE  To Join The Star Sponsorship Support Circle for $25. Get 20 FREE Mother's Day Raffle Entries when you join before May 8th! ♡ Buy Mother's Day Raffle Tickets $2 per entry! This raffle special will end May 01st at midnight.♡  Drawing May 9th @ 9am  HERE BUY ENTRIES   **(USE THE BARRED LINES IN THE RIGHT-HAND CORNER & DONATE) Join today for only $25 a month ☆Monthly Giveaways [1st of every Month] ☆Star Sponsorship Monthly Winner 🏆 Recognition ☆Monthly Newsletters[ Email logos & slogans to ☆ Assists 8-10 needy individuals with supplies  ☆Helps keep merchandise re-stocked •Must donate 24 hrs before the last day of the month to qualify for Star Sponsor Support giveaways. Your giveaway entry form will be sent via email.( May Deadline is May 8th) TO ENTER BY PHONE PLEASE CALL  513-613-7111        FORKS FOR HOPE To join our youth training program please contribute any of the amounts listed below for your sponsorship status and to be included
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$2 Adult Easter 🐣 Basket Fundraiser

 Contributions earned from this fundraiser will help restock our mobile free store bank. The Blessing Free Store was designed to sustain disadvantaged individuals by delivering no-cost basic living support with employment resources. Appointments are available starting May 28th Call 📞 513-613-7111 to reserve your no-cost shopping events. SORRY, THIS FUNDRAISER HAS ENDED! WE HAVE ALSO SOLD OUT OF ALL BASKETS! If you would like to join our Star Sponsor Support Circle, please scroll down and find the Star Sponsorship tab to join us! Fundraiser Rules: This fundraiser is a random wheel spin drawing that will take place on YouTube live! Word Bingo: ■  BUY WORDS  $2 Each □  BUY BASKET  $30 plus $8 Non-local Fee (Outside Middletown,OH) 26 Spins out of 78 letters or less the first word to have all the letters spun will win a home goods Easter Basket! [Valued at $30 Free Middletown Delivery/Non-local $8 Flat Delivery Fee. Video contents are accurate all items are included.]  [Each letter inserte


 The Blessing Free Store was designed to help individuals sustain exclusive basic living merchandise with employment resources at no cost! You can schedule a personal or a business sponsorship pop-up shopping experience beginning May 28th, 2021. The boutique trailer is still in production and may not arrive until June 1st, 2021.  SCHEDULE HERE If you're in need of emergency items please call 513-613-7111 to RVSP for no-cost shopping events.

Truck Donations 🚛💨

 You can  SUPPORT HERE We currently have over 300 square feet of retail merchandise and it's rapidly growing weekly thanks to our retail donation partnerships.  Our mission is to sustain disadvantaged individuals by providing career training and basic living assistance. The Blessing Fairy Free Store project is aligned with our mission. We designed the mobile free store project to connect basic living supplies & employment services to low-income individuals.  We need your support to keep inventory flowing and cut delivery cost. It cost $2400 yearly for delivery expenses. Those fees could help us keep highly requested personal hygiene items stocked. We're proudly and successfully completed cost associated with the boutique trailer's construction process. We will be open for public and private pop-up events April 26, 2021.  Use the three lined tab in the upper left corner to find the contact form to inquire about; carvan delivery truck donation info. & open booking dat

$4 Virtual Fundraiser 💥

 Win Bengal's Dj Reader's autographed memorabilia!   Sorry this fundraiser died 😢 we still have more tickets to go, Help us keep it alive.. (tickets are sent via email) DONATE  $4 By donating ❌$10 /$4 per entry, every ❌$10/ $4 donated will help 2 disadvantaged individuals obtain basic living merchandise from our free store. Raffle number will be drawn May 02, 2021 @5pm Est.  On our  Key Better Days Society FB Page  prizes will be mailed US Postal Service. Winner will be notified via email.

Toy distribution was a success!

 We want to thank our volunteers that worked endless nights on wrapping gifts, and a big thanks to The Marine's Toys for tots, The Feed the hungry project, BB rents, & Middletown Aquatics & More for providing toys for disadvantaged children.  You could still help expedite toys to children that wasn't able to attend our toy events. DONATE HERE    Approved families effected by COVID-19 related issues could still receive gifts via US Postal Mail Services before 01/09/2021. 

Blessing Free Store

  The Blessing Fairy Free Store /Blessing Free Store  The blessing free store was designed to help low-income/needy families thrive during financial hardships.    APPLY  for a FREE membership if you are experiencing unemployment issues, homelessness, or other financial hardships.  Qty. limits apply                     Book pop-up sponsorship events starting May 1st  HERE .                               DAY PASS  $2 RVSP Community event & choose 10 items.  (Add $5 for residential shopping experience)                               MONTH PASS  $7 RVSP Community event & choose 20 items. (Add $5 for residential shopping experience.) Book Personal Pop-up Shopping Starting May 3rd Here.                                 Fees can be paid in person at  residence/public pop-up events. A $5 non-refundable deposit is required for all residential events.  You can catch us in traffic starting April 28th. Our mobile boutique free store community giveaway event locations and times are enlisted