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πŸ–€πŸ–€ Middletown's 2nd Annual Juneteenth Fest πŸ–€πŸ–€

 Join us Juneteenth Weekend!  June 17th |18th|19th @ Douglass Park  From 11am-7pm
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Free Mobile Clinic

Need Rapid Covid-19 Testing?-Currently Serving Middletown, Dayton, Trenton, Monroe, & Cincinnati. Make a mobile appointment today, no questions asked! INSURED/UNINSURED ID/NOT REQUIRED 3-5 MINUTES NO FOOD 30 MINS PRIOR/NO CAFFEINATED  DRINKS DRINKING IS OK RESULTS in 24-48 hrs via Text or Email. Please let your collection specialist know your preferred delivery method for your results.  CALL 513-613-7111 for one of our HIPPA compliant and certified collection specialists to travel to your home/office for FREE COVID-19 TESTING! WE ALSO TEST GROUPS! Visit our mobile clinic at drive-up locations coming soon!

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Christmas Sponsorship πŸŽ„

Season GreetingsπŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„  This year our organization is hosting a community secret Santa sponsorship program called, 513 Blessing Tree for needy children in Middletown , OH. With the many Christmas programs here in Middletown there's still people suffering and in need of Christmas gifts this year. We have enlisted over 192 children from struggling parents through the community. Last year we worked with Toys for Tots, successfully supporting over 200 families for Christmas. We no longer have their support and we need help!  We're asking small businesses and individuals in the community to become Secret Santas.  Click here to adopt families from our curated list. *Sorry we are no longer taking sign-ups, if you already signed-up please be patient while we find sponsors to help.* Join us for Christmas πŸŽ„ cheer on December 18th from 2pm-4pm at 800 Lafayette Ave Middletown Ohio. This event was designed to provide needy children with fun family activities, food, gifts, music, and th

Blessing Free Store Mobile Free Store Bank Services

  To request a no-cost shopping pass please use the three-lined bars in the upper right-hand corner on this site's home page. You'll need to provide proof of one of the following; ● Disconnect Notices  ●Eviction Notices  ● Prison/ Jail Release ●Fire πŸ”₯/Disaster Victim  ●Shelter Residents  ●Homelessness  <text location to 513-613-7111 > *Due to a high number of requests we cannot guarantee all requests for approval. We approve 150 no-cost shopping passes per month. Approvals can take up to 7 calendar days to schedule. If this is an extreme emergency, please take part in some of our other services to receive free basic living products. Schedule Covid-19 Tests Schedule Successful Free Cell Phone Enrollment & Receive 7 items per service rendered .  We service Butler County, Ohio & surrounding areas. Use the three-lined barred menu in the upper right-hand corner for all scheduling.  


 We're excited to announce our FREE mobile COVID-19 testing site to service Butler County and surrounding areas! The mobile free store has just added FREE COVID-19 testing services with our partner Test Today USA.  Participants are tested with a molecular test that tests genetic materials of the COVID virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction. Participants receive results within 24-48 hours, detecting early on illnesses.  Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can contract COVID-19-Do not wait for severe COVID symptoms to occur! Join us by scheduling regular mobile testing to keep the communities we live in healthy.  Mobile Appointments and mobile testing sites are absolutely no cost to individuals and facilities.  This is a federally funded program to help keep communities healthy. We offer no-cost "Blessing Free Store" shopping passes to low-income individuals that successfully schedule our mobile testing services and test for COVID-19. *Participants

3-Day City Tour Success

 Thanks to all of our sponsors and team members for making this event successful!  COHEN BROTHERS DAIRY QUEEN LEE'S FAMOUS RECIPE CHICKEN We completed two full days of touring before we hit our goal.            **OLD SOUTH PARK IS CANCELED* OLD SOUTH PARK IS CANCELED*** Over 2,000 freebies were given to anyone who received the COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19 saliva testing, and individuals who expressed some type of hardship during the pandemic. The City of Middletown's Health Department along with Caresource assisted this event with vaccines and $100 gift card incentives.- About 17 individuals were successfully vaccinated and received their gift cards on the spot! If you missed this event please call our office at 513-613-7111 to set up a mobile appointment. ****WE'RE 100% MOBILE******WE'RE 100% MOBILE*****WE'RE 100% MOBILE***** We will travel to your location at no cost and you'll receive free products from our free store bank when you enroll in our Lifeline cell

60 Blessing Boxes Shipped!!

  The current world crisis is in effect after the recent Taliban take over and it's literally hitting home. The US has recently landed over 20,000 Afghan refugees and plans on housing more. Many organizations have pulled together to aid refugees with their arrival. Our organization found many different bases and refugee housing agencies to help and assist. Our mobile free store program will temporarily collaborate with partnering refugee camps to provide refugees with over 3,000 basic living products. Hurricane Ida has been made a gigantic splash on our major focus areas Hati and New Orleans. In a recent meeting with The Red Cross of Louisana, they mentioned Hurricane Katrina victims are still trying to recover from losses 16 years later with Ida being the anniversary to date. That tells you organizations like FEMA, Red Cross, and other disaster relief organizations really need help so visit their site to see how you can help!! The Blessing Free Store is partnered with Walmart and