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 The Blessing Free Store was designed to help individuals sustain exclusive basic living merchandise with employment resources at no cost! You can schedule a personal or a business sponsorship pop-up shopping experience beginning April 28th, 2021. The boutique trailer is still in production and may not arrive until May 1st.  If you're in need of emergency items please call 513-613-7111 to RVSP for no-cost shopping events.

Truck Donations πŸš›πŸ’¨


We currently have over 300 square feet of retail merchandise and it's rapidly growing weekly thanks to our retail donation partnerships. 

Our mission is to sustain disadvantaged families by providing career training and basic living assistance. The Blessing Fairy Free Store project is aligned with our mission.

We designed the mobile free store project to connect basic living supplies & employment services to low-income individuals. 

We need your support to keep inventory flowing and cut delivery cost. It cost $2400 yearly for delivery expenses. Those fees could help us keep highly requested personal hygiene items stocked.

We're proudly and successfully completed cost associated with the boutique trailer's construction process. We will be open for public and private pop-up events April 26, 2021.  Use the three lined tab in the upper left corner to find the contact form to inquire about; carvan delivery truck donation info. & open booking dates for public or private pop-up shopping events.


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