60 Blessing Boxes Shipped!!


The current world crisis is in effect after the recent Taliban take over and it's literally hitting home. The US has recently landed over 20,000 Afghan refugees and plans on housing more. Many organizations have pulled together to aid refugees with their arrival. Our organization found many different bases and refugee housing agencies to help and assist. Our mobile free store program will temporarily collaborate with partnering refugee camps to provide refugees with over 3,000 basic living products. Hurricane Ida has been made a gigantic splash on our major focus areas Hati and New Orleans. In a recent meeting with The Red Cross of Louisana, they mentioned Hurricane Katrina victims are still trying to recover from losses 16 years later with Ida being the anniversary to date. That tells you organizations like FEMA, Red Cross, and other disaster relief organizations really need help so visit their site to see how you can help!!

The Blessing Free Store is partnered with Walmart and Amazon. We have shipped 60 blessing boxes to disaster victims in New Orleans & refugee camps. 

Thanks to everyone who helped us send 1500 basic living products around the states. We couldn't of done it with out you!

Blessing Boxes have already shipped. Sorry you missed this opportunity but please visit FEMA and Red Cross to see how you can help. 


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