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To request a no-cost shopping pass please use the three-lined bars in the upper right-hand corner on this site's home page. You'll need to provide proof of one of the following;
● Disconnect Notices 
●Eviction Notices 
● Prison/ Jail Release
●Fire šŸ”„/Disaster Victim 
●Shelter Residents 
●Homelessness  <text location to 513-613-7111 >

*Due to a high number of requests we cannot guarantee all requests for approval. We approve 150 no-cost shopping passes per month. Approvals can take up to 7 calendar days to schedule. If this is an extreme emergency, please take part in some of our other services to receive free basic living products.

Schedule Covid-19 Tests
Schedule Successful Free Cell Phone Enrollment
Receive 7 items per service rendered

We service Butler County, Ohio & surrounding areas. Use the three-lined barred menu in the upper right-hand corner for all scheduling.  


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